Mary Ward


Foundress of the sisters of the
Congregation of Jesus

To love the poor,
persevere in the same
live die and rise with them
was all the aim of Mary Ward

Mary Ward

Principal’s Message

“Women in time to come will do much” was the prophetic words of Mother Mary Ward, an English Lady who founded the ‘Congregation of Jesus’ in 1609. Mother Mary Ward had great faith in the capacity of women to ‘do much’ for the welfare of the society. Inspired by this great Lady, the Sisters of the ‘Congregation of Jesus’ opened schools all over the world, to educate and empower the girl-children.
St.Mary’s Convent High School, Kanpur, established in 1899, is one such school which imparts education of the heart, mind, body and soul, which helps the children to form integrated personalities by...Read more...

About School

School In Kanpur

Is a day school for girls only. It was established in 1899 by the sisters of the Congregation of Jesus, founded by an English Lady, Mother MARY WARD in 1609. It is an international institute especially devoted to the education of youth. This institution is open to girls of all communities, irrespective of status, castes, creed and religion. lt imparts not only academic education to girls, but also helps them to form an integrated personality by developing in them a strong character, love of truth, .respect loyalty, a sense of justice and the necessity for honest, hard ...Read more...

Toppers (Session -2018-19)

  • Aparna Agrawal
  • Divyanshi Bansal
  • Preeti Kumari
    97.8 %
  • Shourya Kuchhal
  • Samriddhi Tiwari
  • Agrani Shukla
  • Sarah Rehan
  • Aiman Zahid
    96.8 %
  • Ritika Nagpal
    96.8 %
  • Fizzah Shadab
  • Urjasvi Agarwal
  • Jyotsna Khakholiya
  • Riya Agarwal
  • Yusra Naqvi
  • Annya Pal
  • Arya Bagla
  • Alankriti Sigatia
    98.25% (Commerce)
  • Janvi Gupta
    98.25% (Commerce)
  • Nandini Agarwal
    96% (Commerce)
  • Abeer Haroon
    95.5% (Commerce)
  • Nikita Bajpai
    95.5% (Commerce)
  • Bisma Shoeb
    94.5% (Commerce)
  • Suhani Ahuja
    94.25% (Commerce)
  • Shreya Ruia
    94.25% (Commerce)
  • Swapan Bahrani
    93.5% (Commerce)
  • Zainab Aliya Mirza
  • Aarchi Agarwal
    92.5% (Commerce)
  • Khushi Mehra
    92% (Commerce)
  • Atika Mirza
    91.25% (Commerce)
  • Akshita Mishra
    91% (Commerce)
  • Tratik Dixit
    98% (Science)
  • Khushi Trivedi
    97.25% (Science)
  • Diksha Shukla
    96.25% (Science)
  • Saumya Sharma
    96% (Science)
  • Shreya Tiwari
    95.5% (Science)
  • Amna Khalid
    94.5% (Science)
  • Anam Anwar
    94.00% (Science)
  • Stuti Sharma
    93% (Science)
  • Alisha Yasin
    91.75% (Science)
  • Safia Jameel
    91.50% (Science)

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