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April, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday03 Apr 2018Staff Meeting
2Wednesday04 Apr 2018School re-opens. School Timings (7:15 a.m.-1:30 p.m.)
3Thursday05 Apr 2018Class 1 students will join school
4Thursday05 Apr 2018investiture ceremony.Assembly CL 12-C
5Friday06 Apr 2018Class 11 Admission
6Saturday07 Apr 2018Orientation Programme for the parents of Class 1 students
7Tuesday10 Apr 2018Class 11 joins school
8Friday13 Apr 2018Patriotic Song Competition Cl 3-5
9Saturday14 Apr 2018Ambedkar Jayanti
10Tuesday17 Apr 2018Opening Assembly Cl. 8A
11Wednesday18 Apr 2018Opening Assembly Cl. 5A, Card-making competition-Cl. 6-12
12Tuesday24 Apr 2018Election of the Captains & Tabulation
13Wednesday25 Apr 2018Result of the Election
14Saturday28 Apr 2018Principal's day. Assembly Cl.12 B
15Monday30 Apr 2018Budh Purnima
May, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday01 May 2018May day celebration.Assembly Cl 12-A
2Monday07 May 2018Choral recitation (hindi) Cl 3-5
3Tuesday08 May 2018Assembly CL 8B,Story writing CL.11 & 12
4Wednesday09 May 2018Assembly CL 5B, Spell Bee CL 6-8
5Thursday10 May 2018Debate (Eng) CL 9& 10
6Saturday12 May 2018Parent-teacher meeting for all. School closes for classs 1-8 &11.
7Monday14 May 2018Special Classes for CL9,10 &12,Basketball sports practise Cl 7-11
8Saturday26 May 2018Special Classes for CL 9,10 &12,Basketball sports practise Cl 7-11
July, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Jul 2018Staff Meeting/orientation programme
2Tuesday03 Jul 2018School re-opens after summer vacation
3Friday06 Jul 2018Assembly 10A
4Saturday07 Jul 2018Felicitation ceremony,Assembly cl 11A Staff Meeting
5Monday09 Jul 2018Unit Test for Cl 3-12
6Tuesday10 Jul 2018P.P making competition Cl 6-12
7Wednesday11 Jul 2018Assembly 5C
8Thursday12 Jul 2018Extempore Cl. 9&10
9Friday13 Jul 2018Debate (Eng) Cl 11&12
10Tuesday17 Jul 2018Writing competition Cl. 1&2
11Wednesday18 Jul 2018Assembly 4A
12Saturday21 Jul 2018Declamation Cl. 3-5
13Monday23 Jul 2018Assembly 11 B
14Tuesday24 Jul 2018Assembly 8C,Extempore Cl 11&12
15Wednesday25 Jul 2018Assembly 4B,Extempore Cl.6-8
16Saturday28 Jul 2018ICSE/ISC Inter-School Literary Events.
17Sunday29 Jul 2018ICSE/ISC Inter-School Literary Events.
18Monday30 Jul 2018Assembly 11C
19Tuesday31 Jul 2018Assembly 7A
August, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 Aug 2018Assembly 4C spell bee Cl2
2Saturday04 Aug 2018P.T.M for Cl. 1-12,Staff Meeting
3Tuesday07 Aug 2018Assembly 7B
4Wednesday08 Aug 2018Assembly 3A,Story narration- Cl.1
5Friday10 Aug 2018Half yearly Exam begins for Cl 6-12 2nd Unit test begins for cl. 3-5
6Tuesday14 Aug 2018Independence day Assembly Cl. 7C,Sub Trs. of the Primary school.
7Monday20 Aug 2018Assembly 10C
8Tuesday21 Aug 2018Assembly Cl 6A
9Wednesday22 Aug 2018Id-ul-zuha (holiday)
10Friday24 Aug 2018ICSE/ISC Inter School Athletics Meet (North Zone)
11Saturday25 Aug 2018ICSE/ISC Inter School Athletics Meet (North Zone)
12Tuesday28 Aug 2018Inter School Basketball Tournamet (Girl'-Senior &junior ) North Zone
13Wednesday29 Aug 2018Inter School Basketball Tournamet (Girl'-Senior &junior ) North Zone
14Thursday30 Aug 2018Inter School Basketball Tournamet (Girl'-Senior &junior ) North Zone
September, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday03 Sep 2018Janmashtami (holiday)
2Wednesday05 Sep 2018Teachers' Day
3Saturday08 Sep 2018SMC Day.Powerpoint presentation by the students.
4Friday21 Sep 2018Mohurram (holiday)
October, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday01 Oct 2018Assembly 9A
2Tuesday02 Oct 2018Gandhi jayanti (Holiday)
3Wednesday03 Oct 2018Assembly Cl.3B
4Monday08 Oct 2018Assembly 9B
5Tuesday09 Oct 2018Assembly Cl. 6B
6Wednesday10 Oct 2018Assembly Cl 3C, Eng. Choral Recitation Cl 6-8
7Thursday11 Oct 2018Eng. Choral Recitation Cl. 3-5
8Saturday13 Oct 2018P.T.M Report card giving,Staff Meeting
9Wednesday17 Oct 2018Dusshera Holiday
10Thursday18 Oct 2018Dusshera Holiday
11Friday19 Oct 2018Dusshera Holiday
12Tuesday30 Oct 2018Assembly 2A
13Wednesday31 Oct 2018Interschool Choral Singing Competition.
November, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday06 Nov 2018Diwali Holidays
2Wednesday07 Nov 2018Diwali Holidays
3Thursday08 Nov 2018Diwali Holidays
4Friday09 Nov 2018Diwali Holidays
5Friday16 Nov 2018Primary School Annual Function
6Saturday17 Nov 2018Senior School Annual Function
7Wednesday21 Nov 2018Bara Wafat (Holiday)
8Thursday22 Nov 2018Quiz- Classes 9& 10, 11 &12
9Friday23 Nov 2018Kartik Purnima/Guu nanak Jayanthi (Holiday)
10Wednesday28 Nov 2018Assembly Cl 2B Inter House Quiz Cl 6-8
11Friday30 Nov 2018Syllabus for Cl. 10 & 12 to be completed.
December, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Dec 2018School Fete
2Monday03 Dec 20182nd Unit test for Cl 6-9 &11,3rd Unit Test for Cl. 3-5
3Wednesday05 Dec 2018Assembly Cl. 2 C
4Friday07 Dec 2018Cl 10 &12 Prelims
5Tuesday11 Dec 2018Eng. Choral Recitation Cl. 1 & 2
6Saturday15 Dec 2018Carol singing Competition Cl 3-5
7Friday21 Dec 2018Christmas Assembly Cl 5 ABC 6 C
8Saturday22 Dec 2018Christmas Assembly Cl. 9 C
9Sunday23 Dec 2018Winter Holidays Begin
January, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday07 Jan 2019School re-opens
2Monday14 Jan 2019MakarShankranti
3Wednesday16 Jan 2019Assembly Cl 1 A
4Sunday20 Jan 2019Basant Panchmi
5Wednesday23 Jan 2019Mary Ward week opening assembly Cl 9A &b 3 ABC, Activity- Cl 6-8
6Thursday24 Jan 2019Mary Ward week activity Cl 9 & 11,Farewell for Cl 12 Assembly 11 B, Deco 11 A p.p 11 C
7Friday25 Jan 2019Republic day assembly Cl. 8A Sub. Trs. Primary School-Sub Trs
8Saturday26 Jan 2019Republic Day Assembly Cl. 9C (Sub. trs)
9Tuesday29 Jan 2019Mary Ward week Activity Cl 3-5
10Wednesday30 Jan 2019Mary Ward week closing assembly Cl 8B &C 4 ABC
11Thursday31 Jan 2019Assembly Cl. 1A
February, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday06 Feb 2019Assembly Cl 1 C
2Saturday09 Feb 2019P.T.M & Subject wise Exhibition
3Wednesday20 Feb 2019Final Exam begins.
March, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday04 Mar 2019Mahashivratri
2Tuesday05 Mar 2019Final exam gets over
3Wednesday20 Mar 2019Report day . Academic session ends.

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